WP Mastery Weekly #11 - Clean Code, Newsletter Design Trends, WP Feedback, ...

Running a WordPress service agency is tough. You have to master client acquisition and project delivery, so you can keep your clients and set up recurring revenue for more predicatibility.

In this episode of WP Mastery Weekly, I have resources for you that let you automatically write more stable code, make client communication more efficiently, and explain how to use story telling for client retention.

Business & Growth

Unpacking value based pricing - Agency Trailblazers
Unpacking value based pricing - Agency Trailblazersagencytrailblazer.com
Struggling to find the right prices for your projects? Here's how Lee Jackson breaks down value-based pricing that helps you stop trading time for money!

CLIENT RETENTION | What story are you telling your clients?
CLIENT RETENTION | What story are you telling your clients?jasonswenk.com
Struggling with client retention? If there's one thing I'm proud of for WP Mastery, is that our clients come back to us over and over again. With some, I'm working for over six years now... if that's unfamiliar for you, I highly encourage you check out this podcast episode!

WordPress News & Tools

2019 Newsletter Design Trends You Have to Know About - Web Design Ledger
2019 Newsletter Design Trends You Have to Know About - Web Design Ledgerwebdesignledger.com
Do you provide email marketing services for your clients? Then you should read this post and bring yourself up to speed on using personalization, images, contrasting colors and more in the latest newsletter design trends. Forwarding the article to customers who do email marketing is a great way to add value to them - even if you're not selling them email marketing services. It's a good reason to reach out and to stay on top of their minds!

Announcing the WP FeedBack & GoDaddy Pro partnership - GoDaddy Blog
Announcing the WP FeedBack & GoDaddy Pro partnership - GoDaddy Blogwww.godaddy.com
Look what happened! GoDaddy Pro partnered with WP Feedback to help their agency customers become more efficient in client communication!

Beaver Builder vs Divi: The 110% Side-By-Side Comparison
Beaver Builder vs Divi: The 110% Side-By-Side Comparisonwpbuffs.com
Not sure what page builder to use? Here's an in-depth comparison between Beaver Builder and Divi, two of the most popular choices in the market!

How-To's & Dev

WordPress Continuous Integration Course - WP Mastery
WordPress Continuous Integration Course - WP Masterywpmastery.xyz
I've released a new module in my course on Continuous Integration for WP Developers. It teaches you how to force yourself to write clean code. Think of building a doorman that prevents ugly code from accessing your servers. Click the link to learn more.

An In-Depth Explanation of Code Complexity - Codacy Blog
An In-Depth Explanation of Code Complexity - Codacy Blogwww.codacy.com
Introduction into code complexity and what it means for your every coding sessions. There's a nice graph showing the cost of fixing bugs depending on the project phase, too.

How Not To Kill Your Testability Using Statics
Very interesting read on how object oriented programming can lead to implicit dependencies that can break your code or (at least) make it difficult to test.

The site does not run on SSL which bothers me and the font size is really small - but the content of the article is highly educational.

Random Articles

How the Universe Stopped Making Sense | Live Science
How the Universe Stopped Making Sense | Live Sciencewww.livescience.com
I just love diving into articles like this, getting lost in thoughts about how small we are compared to the immense scope of the Universe. Helps me keep things in perspective.

How to Add Flowcharts and Diagrams to Google Docs or Slides
How to Add Flowcharts and Diagrams to Google Docs or Slideswww.howtogeek.com
Interesting tutorial to take your G Docs & G Slides to the next level 🙂

That's it for this week! I hope you enjoy this handpicked list of articles! If you think that I'm missing certain topics or blogs, don't hesitate to reach out and let me know!




P.S. Here are some tools I use daily, they'll benefit your business too.

Continuous Integration (CI). I use CI at WP Mastery to run all sorts of automated tasks in my coding workflow. For example, my code gets deployed to a server automatically whenever I push a new revision to GitHub. Click here to learn about 5 reasons WP developers need CI (imho).

Cloudways (hosting). I host all my own and our client sites with them. We have 7 servers and roughly 50 sites on Cloudways and are in love with them since 2014. Their servers make our sites blazingly fast, they give us plenty of flexibility for development workflows (e.g. Github auto-deploy embedded), and the servers run stable. What more could you ask for?

VS Code Pro Power-User Workflows. When writing code, you want to be as efficient as possible! Changing to the free VS Code editor has been a massive improvement in my daily coding. Check out VS Code Pro to learn power-user workflows from WP Core Contributor Ahmad Awais.

Page Builder Cloud. Looking to transfer your Elementor layouts from the staging site to the live website easily? Page Builder Cloud is my tool of choice. It works with Elementor, BB, Divi, Fusion Builder, Oxygen and so many more. And it's just $99/year. Even if it saves you just 1h, it pays for itself.

WP Buffs White-Label Maintenance. Want to sell WP maintenance plans but don't have a team to handle the actual work? The WP Buffs offer white-label maintenance plans at exceptional quality. Schedule a free call with them now to get to know them and to partner up. I keep referring my friends to them.

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