Start Your Online Business With A Newsletter

Opt-In pages für newsletter signups, product launches or registration forms are a very important element for anyone who starts an online business. They are so important, because they generate a list of followers, that want to read your posts and are willing to visit your website again. For me those lists are core requirement, so let me explain why I think, that every online business must use opt-in pages.

Lists build trust

Online Business NewsletterPeople, who opt in for your newsletter want to get to know you a little better. Online entrepreneurs have to understand that only visitors that trust you, will read your content and maybe even buy products from you. So you have to do all you can, to build a relationship with your visitors and let trust grow over time.

That is no process, that's done in a week or two, but you don't want to make fast money but to generate consistent passive income, that lasts for years. So how do you build up trust with lists?

Newsletter relevance

As you can see in the following tutorial, it's definitely possible to use newsletters and create opt-in pages without any technical knowledge. Anyone, who can read and follow a video is able to create a great opt-in page for the website of his online business and to have a perfect start for it.

Don't worry, when I'm launching my first product, I'll show you every step it takes to install the OptimizePress WordPress Theme*, which I'm using to create my opt-in page. So it's just-in-time learning for you, focussed on the next step to take. Of course I want to encourage to try it and boost your page with a newsletter.

The newsletter will be the first step in creating a sales funnel. It's about to start earning money online, so you'll have to find a way to attract visitors to your business and to make them stay with your business!

Those fans, who follow your way along time and who trust you, are more likely to buy more than once from you and to recommend your online business to others. You want those people! They are the foundation of your online business and they'll make you earn passive income over years.

But you'll have to provide valuable, unique and helpful content to your visitors, fans and subscribers, to make them stay. So let me show you, why you should definitely subscribe to my newsletter and recieve valuable premium content for free!

My newsletter plans

The great question you might ask yourself is, what content to put into the newsletter. Well, finding content for your newsletter might be a lot easier as you think right now. You need to give a reason to your customers for signing in, they need to profite in someway, for recieving your newsletter. I'll show you some examples of what I've planned, to attract visitors to my newsletter:

  • Get upcoming content one week early. I'll post every blog post one week before the official release date in my newsletter. So stay ahead of the others and subscribe to my newsletter.
  • Get reserved content. My newsletter will contain content, that's never going to be published on my website. That's exclusive content for my subscribers and all the others will unfortunately miss it. So be sure to subscribe to get the most profit of my experiences.
  • Valuable links and recommendations. As I'm surfing through the internet and doing research for my online business, I come over a lot of great websites, tools and persons, which provide great and highly valuable tips and tricks to improve any online business.
  • Greatest podcast episodes. Everyone's doing a podcast now, especially for starting online businesses. But how do you decide, which podcast to follow and how would you ever listen all episodes? I'll do the work for you and recommend you podcast episodes I reviewed for you. You'll only get those episodes, that will lead to the biggest possible improvement for your business.

I hope, that my examples of how to create a concept for a newsletter. It's one of the most essential things, that you should start your online business with.

Another very important aspect is not only to create a newsletter, but to constantly sent it out to your subscribers. You'll have to permanently create extra value for your subscribers to keep them pleasent. In one of my next posts, I'll show you, how to plan your newsletter sending and how to easily generate lots of premium content for your subscribers.

If you want to get all of this premium content and you want to see, how I'm building my newsletter, you'll just have to sign up and enjoy the great comment coming right to you.

photo credit: Julie Edgley via photopin cc

* = Affiliate links

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