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The money is in your list. Learn how to move it to your bank account.

Discover the satisfaction of getting new sales every time you email your list.

Two hours from now, you could have all the knowledge you need to send email newsletters that convert and set up email autoresponders that sell for you 24x7.

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Supercharge Your Email List

You see, most people focus on getting new subscribers.

But what good is an email list if you can't get your subscribers to buy from you when you email them?

Read on if you're tired of not getting enough cash flow from your email list...

You’ve got an email list yet are struggling to earn revenue, no matter how few or many newsletters you send?

Feeling like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle that successful creators and marketers seem to have figured out?

Email marketing is not as easy as sending a newsletter to your subscribers and watching sales come in. If it was, you would not be here reading this page.

What do I write about in my newsletter?

How can I sell my products without annoying my subscribers?

Why does nobody on my list respond to my newsletter or click on my calls to action?

It’s easy to procrastinate on writing newsletters and email marketing in general if you don’t see results.

That's why you're not making any progress.

You Deservice a Profitable Email List

Learn exactly how to structure your autoresponders and write your next email newsletter to drive sales.

Stop sending the same newsletter to every subscriber and start playing to each subscriber’s unique goals and dreams.

Understand the secret power behind grouping your subscribers into buckets and using autoresponders for each of those buckets to frame your offers in the most relevant way.

With the right knowledge, you can leverage your email platform to send personalized autoresponders that convert and that get open rates and click rates like mine:

If you understand what I’m teaching in this course, it becomes easy to set up autoresponders that sell your products and hit your revenue goals.

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"I can’t wait to go through this course! I’m always interested in learning about ways to increase my income through new methods."
Joseph Lalonde
Leadership Blogger

Supercharge your email marketing!

The money is in the list. This course teaches you how to move it to your bank account.

Actionable video lessons on email marketing.

Every video lesson is packed with knowledge that creators and entrepreneurs like you and me need to earn more money through email marketing. You'll learn strategies you can implement within minutes, right after finishing a video lesson.

Templates and swipe copy.

Get the autoresponders that earned multiple five figures in my business and use them in your own email marketing.

Frequent content updates.

New video trainings and resources get added every month. Pay once and get updates for life.

Never worry about email automation again.

Are you ready to fix these problems?

  • My subscribers don’t read my newsletters
  • I’m afraid people will unsubscribe when I sell in every newsletter
  • I don’t know why my subscribers never buy from me
  • I know I’ve got great offers but my subscribers don’t buy them

If you nodded along, you should enroll in Supercharge Your Email List.

Earn more revenue from your email newsletters and autoresponders with the strategies on segmentation and targeted sales sequences taught in the course.

"Thank you for the call!!! So great to learn all this stuff :) Thank you SO MUCH for answering all my Q’s."
Malaika Neri
Advanced Relationship Skills
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Module 1: The 30,000ft overview

Idenitfy key criteria to group your subscribers into segments, visualize your segments and automations, and choose high-ROI segments to focus your efforts on.

Module 2: Nurture new and existing subscribers effectively

Onboard new subscribers into the right segments directly, integrate your landing pages and opt-in forms, survey existing subscribers, and run re-engagement campaigns to revive cold subscribers.

Module 3: Increase sales and engagement

Set up highly-targeted autoresponders to sell on autopilot, understand how to use conditional content in your newsletter, master 'warm' vs. 'cold segments, and discover best-practices that will improve your open rates and CTR.

Bonuses: Automation Templates and Swipe Copy

Use the exact automations and sequences that I run in my own business and import them with a few clicks into your email marketing platform.

Direct help from Jan

Get email support from Jan Koch, who answers all your questions directly.

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If you're not happy with the Supercharge Your Email List course after the first 14 days, I will give you a full refund — NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
You see, I’ve spent years building up trust and I’m not about to sabotage my standing and relationships with you all. 
That’s why I’ve included this risk-free way for you to make an informed decision by test-driving Supercharge Your Email List for two full weeks.
With my no-questions-asked guarantee backing you up, the biggest risk for you is to stay stuck with newsletters that don't get opened, and autoresponders that don't sell.
I appreciate you and hope to see you on the inside.
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