I Help B2B Service Providers Set Up Effective, KPI-Driven Systems To Improve Their Sales And Marketing

Get on the waitlist for my upcoming "Metrics-Driven Sales" Checklist. This checklist will show you exactly what systems you can deploy in your everyday work to drive new business, enable your team to perform better, and increase your bottom line.
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Turn lukewarm leads into customers using bullet-proof marketing & sales systems.

Reliable systems and processes are essential for sales success. They support your salespeople in building and maintaining full pipelines. You can only reach out to dozens or hundreds of people yourself - but you likely have thousands or tens of thousands of potential customers.

Build your reputation and revenue.

Using technology strategically, you can build your reputation and revenue in any industry. Through building reputation and qualifying leads early in the process, you make the most of your (and your sales team's) time.

Leverage technology without the overwhelm.

Software and platforms can be huge enablers - or they can paralyze entire companies. I help you find the right tools for the processes you have - and make these tools work hand in hand.

Track and optimize all your outreach & campaigns.

In 1:1 conversations, you test various openers and questions intuitively - to see which angle opens the most doors. Digital sales processes are even better, they give you clear data to base your decisions on.

Scale the unscalable - human connection.

Marketing and sales process should supplement your relationship-building efforts. Don't see them as sales tools only. The funnels I build are designed to help you build better relationships with prospects and clients. Human connection wins.
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What clients say about me

Jacob Warwick

C-Suite Career & Entrepreneur Coach

"Working with Jan is a breath of fresh air. Over the years, he has established and developed all of the technical marketing and revenue operations to help me enable my sales teams and individual 'solopreneur' success. 

From email marketing campaigns, to website development, to digital event logistics, to lightning-fast SEO that ranks — Jan is my go-to — and should be yours too."

Michelle Mills-Porter

The People Reader & Professional Speaker

"No one walks the talk like Jan.
I met him at an exclusive VIP Mastermind group where he blew me away with his knowledge and we very quickly started a collaboration.

Jan brought a level of professionalism that I could not have achieved without him.

Throughout, he was my expert, my right  hand, my safety net... he literally blew me away with his generosity, his passion, and his expertise."

Navid Moazzez

Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Investor

"Jan is one of the most hard-working, honest, and dedicated persons I know. And that’s really an understatement. Ever since I met Jan in a mutual mastermind, I was impressed by his knowledge of building online businesses and entrepreneurship.

I turn to Jan when I need advice for my own websites, email sequences, and projects, and more often than not, he comes back with awesome tips almost instantly. "

Nicole Osborne

Marketing Coach for Digital Agencies

"When Jan asked me to speak at his impressive Build Your Audience Summit I said yes within minutes! 

My highlight was being interviewed by Jan. His questions were well researched, thought-provoking and designed to create maximum value for his audience.

I highly recommend working with Jan. He's super knowledgably, supportive and will inspire you to be at your best! "

Anthony John Amyx

Life and Business Strategist

"Jan is the BEST web guy I've EVER worked with!  He's fast and knows exactly what to do. 

When I've wanted custom things built, he ACTIVELY found a SOLUTION. 

Anyone who comes to me looking for a good web guy who can plug marketing systems together to improve their email and sales systems, I immediately connect them with Jan. 

Malaika Neri

Malaika Neri

#1 Indian Matchmaker in Europe, Advanced Relationship Skills

"Thank you for the calls!!! So great to learn all this stuff :) Thank you SO MUCH for answering all my Q’s."

Todd Terwillegar

Content Marketing Manager, Canto

"Jan is both a talented web developer as well as an exceptional writer. When Jan told me that English was not his native language, I was shocked.

Jan is a guest blogger for the Liquid Web Blog, and his content is thorough, full of value, and superbly written."

Henneke Duistermaat

Copywriter, Enchanting Marketing

"As I'm a non-techie, projects like improving website speed can feel overwhelming to me. But not with Jan Koch as he communicated his plan in plain English and patiently answered my questions. 

Jan Koch and his team improved the performance of my home site from E to A, and the performance of web pages from F to C as per Page Speed Scores measured by GT Metrix."

Dennis Yu

CTO, Blitzmetrics

"So rare nowadays to see folks like Jan who see projects through to completion and is a master of relationships.

Whether it's email marketing, virtual summits, social media, WordPress, courses, or whatever, I have 100% faith in Jan to do it well and with a smile."

Warum Sie mich beauftragen sollten

10+ Jahre Marketing Erfahrung

Ich habe tausende Stunden damit verbracht Marketing Kampagne aufzubauen.

Kundenbeziehungen automatisieren

Gewinnen Sie das Vertrauen Ihrer Leads und nutzen Sie dieses in Ihrem Marketing.

Newsletter und Funnels

Ich habe Millionen Newsletter verschickt. Sparen Sie Zeit mit Ihrem Newsletter und bleiben Sie im Hinterkopf Ihrer Leads und Kunden.

Nutzen Sie effiziente Prozesse

Steigern Sie Ihre Produktivität mit Sales Funnels und Newslettern, ohne nennenswerte Mehrbelastung Ihres Teams.

Autoresponder die funktionieren

Konvertieren Sie neue Abonnenten in Leads und Kunden über automatisierte E-Mail Sequenzen.

Experten Support für Ihr Team

Ich begleite Sie nach Abschluss des Projekts damit die nächsten Schritte nach Umsetzung der Funnels erfolgreich sind.

Die richtigen E-Mails zur richtigen Zeit

Die richtigen E-Mail Sequenzen segmentieren Ihre Abonnenten und führen sie durch den Entscheidungsprozess.

Konstante Unterstützung

Wir konzentrieren uns auf das, was unter'm Strich die Ergebnisse bringt. Ablenkungen bleiben außen vor.

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