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Stop struggling writing LinkedIn posts. Discover my AI-based formula.

Are you frustrated trying to make AI sound like you? This video training with 2 ChatGPT Mega Prompts has the solution.

In this short and actionable 45-minute video course, you'll discover a proven system to establish a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn - even if you never made ChatGPT write anything that sounds like you before.
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Here's what you get in this course:


Two Done-For-You Prompts

Plug these prompts into ChatGPT and watch personalized, top-notch content flow forth. They've been carefully crafted to maximize quality every time you use them.


Laser-Focused Brand Building

Establish yourself as an industry thought leader, without having to spend hours writing posts every week. Our prompts help you present a consistent, professional brand image.


Your Unique Voice, Perfectly Captured

Sick of generic sounding content coming out of ChatGPT? These prompts are designed to reflect your special tone and style. The content will sound just like you wrote it!


Optimized Calls-to-Action for Your Posts

Easily customize your posts with strategic calls-to-action to drive traffic and leads. Control your audience journey and be sure your followers take action on your posts.


Automation Superpowers

Integrate with Zapier for near-automatic content creation. In the future, you just have to feed the topics you want to create content about in to ChatGPT, and automation takes care of the rest!

For this course to deliver the best results, you need ChatGPT (free will work but Plus is recommended) and a paid Zapier account.

Training Session 1:
Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT for Content Creation

AI LinkedIn Content Factory - Lesson 1

Training Session 2:
Crafting Polished LinkedIn Posts with ChatGPT

AI LinkedIn Content Factory - Lesson 2

Training Session 3:
Seamless Automation - Integrating Google Sheets, Zapier, and ChatGPT

AI LinkedIn Content Factory - Lesson 3

Still feeling doubtful? Here's why this works:

βœ… "AI can't match my quality." My prompts are optimized to bring out ChatGPT's top work. You'll be amazed by the output.

βœ… "It won't sound like me." With my proven method, ChatGPT will channel your unique voice. The content will capture your essence.

βœ… "I'm not creative." No worries! These prompts deliver results even if you aren't artistic. I've got you covered.

βœ… "I don't have time." Invest 45 minutes now to unlock a system that will save you hours every week. It's time reclaimed!

βœ… "It's too technical." My step-by-step video lessons make the process simple and intuitive for anyone. You don't need to be tech-savvy. You'll be able to follow-along even if you never used ChatGPT or Zapier before.

βœ… "It won't work long-term." I've used this system for months with continued success. As AI improves, so will your content.

Stop letting LinkedIn overwhelm you. Take control with my powerful prompts and automation.

Enroll and get started today πŸš€

Why Wait?

LinkedIn is a goldmine for professionals. Don't let the challenges of content creation hold you back. With this course, you're not just buying prompts; you're investing in a brighter, more efficient LinkedIn future full of leads and opportunities.

What past clients are saying

"I've been working with Jan since 2014, and he's consistently impressed me. He helped me build and run our Wordpress site and enabled us to reach amazing growth. Through the work of his on our sites, we were able to get Sellbrite acquired by GoDaddy, and our agency, Elumynt, has been named as the 12th fastest-growing agency in the world by AdWeek."
William Harris

William Harris

Working with Jan is a breath of fresh air. Over the years, he has established and developed all of the technical marketing and revenue operations to help me enable my sales teams and individual 'solopreneur' success.

From email marketing campaigns, to website development, to digital event logistics, to lightning-fast SEO that ranks β€” Jan is my go-to β€” and should be yours too.""

Jacob Warwick

No one walks the talk like Jan.
I met him at an exclusive VIP Mastermind group where he blew me away with his knowledge and we very quickly started a collaboration.

Jan brought a level of professionalism that I could not have achieved without him. Throughout, he was my expert, my right hand, my safety net... he literally blew me away with his generosity, his passion, and his expertise."

Michelle Mills-Porter

"As I'm a non-techie, projects like improving website speed can feel overwhelming to me. But not with Jan Koch as he communicated his plan in plain English and patiently answered my questions.

Jan Koch and his team improved the performance of my home site from E to A, and the performance of web pages from F to C as per Page Speed Scores measured by GT Metrix."

Henneke Duistermaat

"Jan is one of the most hard-working, honest, and dedicated persons I know. And that’s really an understatement. Ever since I met Jan in a mutual mastermind, I was impressed by his knowledge of building online businesses and entrepreneurship.

I turn to Jan when I need advice for my own websites, email sequences, and projects, and more often than not, he comes back with awesome tips almost instantly. "

Navid Moazzez

"I've been working with Jan since 2014.

This man finishes the projects he started.

And he does it with top quality.

So rare nowadays to see folks like Jan who see projects through to completion and is a master of relationships.

Whether it's virtual summits, social media, WordPress, courses, or whatever, I have 100% faith in Jan to do it well and with a smile."

Dennis Yu

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