Your Partner in Developing a Generative AI Strategy to Drive Continuous Growth

Elevate your marketing expertise and results with tailored training in cutting-edge AI strategies. We help you set up a customized technology stack for a seamless and powerful marketing workflow.

Just a few of our happy customers

At KCONSULT, we're committed to providing clear and actionable solutions that drive results for your business.

We help you develop & implement Generative AI strategies for maximum impact.

At KCONSULT, our mission is to empower B2B businesses to write their own success stories using the transformative power of AI marketing tools combined with effective customer acquisition strategies.

We believe that every company has a unique tale waiting to be told – but how do you craft a narrative that builds authority, captivates your audience and drives revenue?

You're on the journey of expanding your company. You're moving forward daily, driven by goals and ambition that go beyond just revenue. You're in it to leave an impact. 

Just like Luke Skywalker had Yoda or Usain Bolt had his coach Glen Mills, the highest performers leverage outside guidance to see around corners. They anticipate challenges before they arrive and shortcut the time to acquire skills.

At KCONSULT, we are your trusted guide, providing expert knowledge and insights to help you unlock the full potential of AI-based marketing processes. 

Our 10+ years of experience is the beacon that illuminates the path to success, allowing you to overcome hurdles and reach your goals faster than ever before.
I've been working with KCONSULT since 2014, and the founder Jan has consistently impressed me. He helped me build and run our Wordpress site and enabled us to reach amazing growth. Through the work of his on our sites, we were able to get Sellbrite acquired by GoDaddy, and our agency, Elumynt, has been named as the 12th fastest-growing agency in the world by AdWeek.

Jan is incredibly knowledgeable, very quick to help, and knows how to interpret my random "marketing language" into the appropriate dev actions for rapid, effective, work. Additionally, he's honest and full of integrity.

I can't recommend him highly enough.
William Harris
William Harris
Top 35 Ecommerce Expert. Founder

Future-Proof Your Marketing Team

Imagine a world where your digital customer journey becomes a story that resonates with your audience, forging stronger connections and fostering lasting relationships. 

Jan, our founder, has not only given hundreds of speeches at leading virtual events, podcasts, and local Chamber of Commerce training programs but has also established a reputation for delivering results by connecting content strategy and business processes in meaningful ways.

At KCONSULT, we understand the importance of balance in the art of storytelling. Just as Jan values his family and strives for financial freedom while pursuing his passions, we believe that your company's story should create an impact without sacrificing your core values. Through our personalized approach, we endeavor to create a harmonious blend of AI marketing tools and digital customer journeys that reflects the unique spirit of your business.

Join us at KCONSULT, and let us help you write the next chapter of your company's success story – a tale that will captivate your audience, drive your business forward, and leave a lasting legacy in the B2B landscape.
I've been working with KCONSULT since 2014, and the founder Jan has since 2014.

This man finishes the projects he started.

And he does it with top quality.

So rare nowadays to see folks like Jan who see projects through to completion and is a master of relationships.

Whether it's virtual summits, social media, WordPress, courses, or whatever, I have 100% faith in Jan to do it well and with a smile.
Dennis Yu
CTO Blitzmetrics, his company spent $1bn on ads for clients

What To Expect From Partnering With Us

At KCONSULT, our mission is to empower businesses to succeed in the B2B space by leveraging AI marketing tools and optimizing digital customer journeys. We strive to provide clear, tangible benefits that drive results and enhance your company's growth.

Our approach to helping clients build efficient marketing processes starts by examining your current marketing strategies and identifying areas for improvement. We focus on streamlining workflows, cutting down on inefficiencies, and fostering a lean, productive marketing team.

We recognize the importance of continuous learning and skill development for your marketing team. That's why we offer tailored training programs designed to elevate their expertise in AI-based marketing processes and digital customer journey optimization.

In addition to training, we support your marketing department by building out the necessary technology stack. We work closely with your team to integrate cutting-edge AI marketing tools and digital customer journey solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

By partnering with KCONSULT, you can expect:

  • Enhanced marketing efficiency through streamlined processes and elimination of redundancies.
  • A skilled marketing team, trained in the latest AI-based marketing tools and strategies.
  • A customized technology stack that supports the unique needs of your marketing department.

At KCONSULT, we're committed to providing clear and actionable solutions that drive results for your business. Let's work together to unlock your company's full potential in the B2B landscape and create lasting success.

Our Comprehensive Services

At KCONSULT, we're committed to providing clear and actionable solutions that drive measurable outcomes for your B2B offerings. These relate to content production, customer acquisition, or time-saved in existing processes. Let's work together to create lasting success!

Tailored Workshops

We train your marketing team on using our battle-tested AI-driven processes to elevate the content quality and quantity with the workforce you already have.


We get your leadership team up to speed with AI-driven marketing and business processes. Our presentations help you make qualified decisions for budget allocation.

Process Implementation

We set up automation, e.g. in email marketing or CRM; we connect existing tools to give your team better insights and we can streamline your content production. 

Strategy & KPIs

We help you design a customer journey map that lets you track the impact of your marketing strategy using relevant KPIs - so you can make smarter decisions.

Get In Touch With Us

Ready to embark on a journey towards marketing success? Send us a message and tell us more about your goals.

Let's explore how KCONSULT can elevate your B2B marketing strategy and drive exceptional results. Get started today!

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