90 Days Of Keywords - 90 Profitable Keywords For Niche Sites

Everybody dreams of earning some income from home and my income reports show, that Google Adsense and niche websites are good ways to do this.

Especially those of you who are employed and want to earn some side income online should consider creating niche websites. You only put in work once, when you're creating the niche website. Then you let it rank in Google and monetize it with affiliate sales or Google Adsense.

That's why I've decided to start a new challenge to make it easy for you to create your first niche website! That challenge is called 90 Days Of Keywords and you can follow it with the Twitter hashtag #90daysofkeywords and Facebook hashtag #90daysofkeywords.

Why Keywords Matter

Keywords are the most critical part of a profitable niche site. When you target keywords that are too competitive or have a low search volume, you won't be able to make any money at all with that specific niche website.

90 Days of Keywords will be your shortcut to find profitable keywords. I don't want you to create niche websites with the wrong targets, that's why I'm only revealing keywords that I'd use myself.

All of my content is structured to be easily repeatable by you and with this challenge I'm taking it even further. For 90 days I'll reveal one keyword every day, that you can use to build a profitable niche website and start earning money on the side!

That's right - everyday I'll give you the opportunity to start building passive side income with niche websites. With this list on this site you have everything you need, to create successful niche websites that allow you to earn side income online.

Criteria and Tools

Using the right tools is mandatory, but they're useless without the right criteria. You need to know which keywords to search for. That's why I'm including my most private criteria in 90 Days of Keywords.

Targeting non-profitable keywords is easy and it's the most common reason when niche websites aren't earning any money.

I'm using my favorite keyword research tool Long Tail Pro for this challenge. If you've been following my micro niche site challenge, you've already seen that I'm in almost in love with Long Tail Pro.

It's not only the best tool for finding new keywords, but the reason why I get 200+ daily visitors from Google on this blog and thus the reason why I'm earning money right now!

These are the criteria I'm going to use to evaluate my criteria:

  • Less than 4 product sites in Googles Top Ten
  • Only a few sites with the keyword in title and / or URL
  • Multiple sites with a page authority < 30
  • Multiple sites with < 30 Juice Page links
  • Good to see new sites

These criteria are the ones that I'm using for every niche site I'm creating and I never shared them in this detail before!

They're also used by Spencer Haws, who's the creator of Long Tail Pro and a true expert in creating niche sites - so it's definitely assured that those criteria are good.

Creating A Niche Website

Here's the process you need to go through, to create a niche website. Nothing too special, you won't require any special technical knowledge.

I've laid everything out for you on this blog, but please leave a comment if you've got any questions! I'd be more than happy to help you 🙂

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